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Impact Fellowship Blog

"How to - A Student's Guide to Life in Israel" - by Lauren Naselsky

Living here, in Israel, is a lot different from home than you would think.
Here you have a lot to get done from school work to preparing for trips. Getting the correct amount of sleep here is very important.  The days are long and sometimes mentally draining from long days of classes or a long day on a tiyul. Getting a good night sleep the day before a general studies day or a tiyul is super important in order to make the day the best day it can be.  The classes here are different from home. Alongside your general studies classes every student takes an Israeli studies class. With this class you have to make sure you are keeping up with your notes and homework because there are quizzes very often and weekly photo journal assignments after the tiyulim. With general studies classes you have to make sure you are keeping up and asking your teachers questions.
It is also important to keep up with your homework because you may have general studies on Monday and then not again until Thursday. But it is important you manage your homework and not leave it for the last minute because those two days in you will be constantly busy with trips and Israeli studies class. 
Another important tip is to manage your money. Going out for meals is a very popular activity for dinner we like to do. Saving money is important because you want to have money to buy gift shop items, food, gifts, jewelry etc. Independence and using your free time wisely is important because there may be time where you want to go out with friends but you must make school and homework a priority or else you may fall behind.

By managing your time, keeping up with your classes and making the best out of your time here at AMHSI you will have the best trip ever.