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Impact Fellowship Blog

"How to - A Student's Guide to Life in Israel" - by Jordyn Grunfeld

For my “how to- a student’s guide to life in Israel,” I would definitely start with time management. Personally, I take 5 classes here in addition to the four and a half hour Jewish studies class. In total, that is 9 and a half hours of classes which equals more homework than the average person here who might only take 3 classes in addition. For me, after my last class at 6:15 ends, I eat dinner then go back to my dorm to hang out with my friends for about an hour. After, I go to my room and work on my homework along with getting ready for bed. Trust me, I’ve tried to work on my homework many times outside, in our common area, with friends, etc, it does not work. You won’t be able to focus and you will just realize that you’ll end up getting more work done in your room by yourself for a little. If you can’t find the time, (because there are many and activities going on) you could always talk to your teachers or talk to Rochelle to cooperate on a solution.

Another big tip I have which, to be honest, I never really thought I’d be saying is money spending. Hod HaSharon has a beautiful, fun town with my restaurants and stores that are so tempting to make you want to go everyday during dinner and sometimes even lunch. However, we also go on about two tiyulim a week with more amazing restaurants and stores. Breakfast is mostly always eaten on campus and it’s great! However, some people prefer fruit for breakfast which requires going out to the supermarket and buying it. Then, because my first general studies class starts at 1:15pm, I always eat lunch on campus but most people who might have a break, sign out and buy food. Dinner is the one meal where almost everyone goes out. Going out to dinner is so much fun, really good fun, and just an overall great experience. However, I find myself spending way to much money here at times so I realize I have to take a step back and just use my money when it’s needed or for fun tiyulim, places we won’t get to go back to. Checking in with my parents about how much money I’m spending is also important because mostly, they won’t care if you’re spending it on food because they want you to be nourished and have fun but spending it on clothes, shoes, or candy all the time is not a good use of the money.

With time management and money skills, there shouldn’t be many other problems on this trip because these are definitely smart, independent skills teenagers should learn in their life!