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Impact Fellowship Blog

"How to - A Student's guide to Life in Israel" by Morey Averill

One of the most important skills to work on while you are at Israel at Alexander Muss High School in Israel, is your time management skills. There is a lot of school work that you have to get done and if you do not use your time efficiently you will see yourself working a lot of late nights to get all the work done. These late nights are not because of a plethora of work but merely because you squander all of your free time which you could be doing the work needed to pass your classes. There is a lot of work especially if you do not plan out when you are going to complete it but with proper time management it becomes much easier to get everything done.

Also, one of the most critical skills to have on this trip, is being social to all of the other people in your group. Throughout this trip your group starts to develop into your family and Hod HaSharon into your home away from home. These friendships get you through tough times when your life can get really stressful. These friends also make the fun times so much better and they help you to create a personal highlight reel of the trip. Friends on this trip is also very helpful for the school work that you get, including work from Israel studies and other classes as well. For example I know that I can rely on one of my friends for any math help that I need, from anything to studying for a test or just trying to complete my homework.

To some extent, I said the most important skills to have or learn to develop on this trip are time management, so you do not get constantly swamped with work, as well as finding good friends who can help you through tough times and cheer you up. Along with being there to help you study and as resources to help you with anything from school to life.