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Impact Fellowship Blog

"How to" - A Student's Guide to Life in Israel"

We are more than halfway through our time at Muss and have learned all the dos and don'ts for being a student in Israel.
One of the most important things I have learned about how to be a student in Israel is the importance of time management. In order to experience the absolute most while here, it is necessary to learn how to balance your classes with the tiyulim, going into town, and spending time with friends. Using the breaks throughout the day to do some work or pack for a tiyul can make such a big difference; this allows you to have more time at night to study for a test, socialize, or go to the amazing places on campus or in Hod HaSharon. Going into town to try new foods and be with friends makes living at Muss even more fun. The experiences leaving campus also help you to be immersed in Israeli culture and feel like less of a tourist. As you spend time in different places around local Israelis you also are able to pick up on some Hebrew phrases and Israeli rituals and mannerisms, helping you to acclimate while living in the country. A major part of being a student in Israel is finding connections between what you learn in your courses to what you experience while traveling and spending time in town- some of my favorite things and moments have been making these connections. 

Having the opportunity to learn while in a new environment with new people contributes a lot to life here; take advantage of the extra support, the small class sizes, and the fun things you learn. Going with the flow is another aspect that makes living in Israel even better. You are able to enjoy yourself more when you know things will happen that you are not expecting.