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Impact Fellowship Blog

This is why I love an interactive classroom.

The benefits to an interactive classroom are endless and I am so happy that I get to participate in this enjoyable experience. 

This opportunity to learn about Israel through an interactive lens was so beneficial and I have begun to see the rewards already. As we travel to different cities it is so cool seeing what we have learned in the class come to life and I find myself retaining to the information so much better than if it was just lecture after lecture. I find myself staying engaged knowing we will be at the place we are learning about and it would be more fun to visit the places with a knowledge of what they would be. I enjoyed the interactive experience the teachers gave us also makes it really enjoyable and keeps me interested. To give a few examples of amazing experiences I had in the different cities. One of the most fun events we did was recreate a gladiator fight in a Roman amphitheater. We hopped on our friends’ backs as we tried to take off each other’s’ hats. Of course we with my wingspan won that challenge with ease. Another example I have is when we were on the top of Masada, Jacob ran a military training session to represent what the Zealots were doing when the Romans surrounded them. He went through different military tactics like the chet "ח" formation and we were taught how to lift up fellow soldiers if they get wounded. 

When it is all said and done my favorite part of the interactive classroom is it is fun. To simply put it, I see myself countless times wanting to learn more and being interested in class, something that does not happen very often in my school at home. This is why I love an interactive classroom.