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Impact Fellowship Blog

Israel has literally become my “living classroom”

It is crazy to comprehend that 3 weeks have gone by so fast.
Every day is a new day to explore the land of Israel and to create a lifetime of memories. Last week alone we visited the Bar Kochva Tunnels, Tzfat, and Jerusalem.
All these amazing places have taught me so much  not only about the history of Israel, but also the lessons that can be learned from our ancestors. The education that Muss provides, allows me to greatly connect to what I am learning while having an amazing time. Israel has literally become my “living classroom”, as 3-4 days a week we are traveling around Israel to explore these historical landmarks. Not only do we learn a ton on these trips, but I also love the adventure and excitement that comes with exploring new places. Whether we are traveling to new cities, or hiking up a mountain, there is always so much excitement throughout the day. I truly value how much Muss utilizes every aspect of the land of Israel for education and exploration.

To map out a typical Tiyul day, it starts with a relaxing bus ride. Shortly after we arrive to the location, we start taking some quick notes. After that, the day is focused on observing and experiencing what the Jews did thousands of years ago. These days seem to fly by, as the day is packed with activities and sites to visit. Being in these symbolic locations, allows me to not only fully process what is happening, but to relate more with the lives of the Jewish people back then. I cannot put into words how much I love this program and the memories that I have already created. I am so appreciative of this amazing opportunity I have been given and look forward to the rest of this adventure.