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Today in Tel Megiddo

Today in Tel Meggido, I saw firsthand where many essential battles occurred. I saw Navot’s vineyard and learned about the story of how he was mercilessly and unfairly killed by Rachav Am’s wife. It was amazing to see firsthand all the places where such important history occurred. I especially enjoyed the Carmel Mountains. While our hike got cancelled, learning about Eliahu and the קול דממה דקה truly resonated with me. While I have always believed in a higher power above, I always wondered why God would never step in and perform miracles when humanity desperately needed it. To hear Danny describe how you need to open your eyes wide enough to see the God in the little things in life made me realize how holy the little things in life truly are. While it would be nice to stop world hunger and stop the Israeli Palestinian conflict, I can make my own impact from the ground up. If I realize the consistent small miracles in my life, I can find a deeper appreciation and meaning  in life.