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But God is a קול דממה דקה - Megiddo and Carmel

This truly was a fun tiyul. Although we didn’t get the chance to hike, (bummer…) I am glad that I was still able to see Carmel and walk through Tel Megiddo. It was very interesting to see another one of Solomon’s famous Tels (including his gate), see the Megiddo Junction, and see the flatland where many major battles took place. I also learned a lot about how one’s greatest flaw can lead to their downfall, like Solomon being overly confident and Richav Am stupidly listening to his friends instead of his father’s advisers. It is also interesting to see how even though the Jews were divided back then, today, we are united as a people and have used the hardship to make us stronger as a people. I was also really inspired by Elijah’s story. I learned that God is not present in big moments, such as earthquakes or fires. But God is a קול דממה דקה. God is present in the little moments in life, like the birth of a child or a very special moment with your friends.