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Impact Fellowship Blog

My ultimate goal for this trip is to make this trip as memorable and amazing as possible

I have been in Israel for 12 days and I already know that this trip is going to be life-changing. In these 12 days, I have established lasting friendships, eaten amazing food, and, most importantly created memories that will last a lifetime, and I still have over six weeks left.
Although I have accomplished a lot already, there are many things I still wish to do. I want to climb Masada, I have heard amazing stories of how inspiring it can be and I want to experience it for myself. I want to shop at the shuks (markets), I am excited to buy something that will remind me of this trip for the rest of my life. I want to experience Israel as a whole outside of the tiyuls they take us on. I want to leave with family or friends and use open Shabbats to my advantage. I want to try every Israeli food I can; when I have the opportunity to, I will try native foods. I wish to talk to local people, pick their brains, and possibly learn more about their heritage and why this country is the way it is. I am excited to sleep in the Bedouin tents, it is an optional tiyul, but I feel the need to take any experience they will give to me and use it to my advantage. I am excited to strengthen my already amazing friendships, so that they may last a lifetime. While I have already been to the Western Wall,l I am excited to go back as I will now feel more comfortable there; and I will be able to further connect myself with G-d and Israel as a whole.
My ultimate goal for this trip is to make this trip as memorable and amazing as possible with the hope that one day I will share my experiences with others in order that they may share my joy of Israel.