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Impact Fellowship Blog

It is our 11th day at Alexander Muss..

It is our 11th day at Alexander Muss and everyone is having an amazing time! We have been on our first two tiyulim already and had our first Israeli Studies test. As the trip is progressing, I have goals in mind for the rest of the trip. Firstly, one of my goals is to continue to meet new people and build relationships with everyone on the trip. Even after a week and a half we have all grown very close, so I cannot wait to see what happens in the upcoming weeks in regards to our connections and bonds. I hope to have the opportunity to speak with everyone on our trip and learn about them and their experience at Muss.
Secondly, one of my goals is to learn more about what it means to be a leader and be a part of a new and influential community. One of the reasons I signed up for the fellowship was to use and grow my leadership skills. I look forward to becoming a stronger leader, something that will be important not only on the trip, but also when I return home. I will carry these new aspects of leadership with me in later stages and moments in my life, and also when sharing my experiences from Muss. 

In the remaining six and a half weeks of our mini-mester, I hope my connection with Israel and Judaism will grow even stronger than it already has these past 11 days. Going on the tiyulim have contributed to this strong connection, and I know that this will only deepen as we continue to travel across the country guided by ideas in our curriculum.

A final goal of mine is to leave AMHSI being more open-minded. In our Israeli Studies core class we have already begun learning about the importance of understanding, in addition to studying different perspectives throughout history and about current events. I want to keep this mindset with me when I come home and interact with people that have different beliefs and ideas. Already, Muss has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life, and I look forward to how amazing the rest of the trip will be.