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Impact Fellowship Blog

My goals for this trip

My goals for this trip started out as just to be happy, enjoy and cherish every moment, get close with everyone, and immerse myself in the Jewish studies here.
However, I can say that as the first week has passed, my goals have changed.
I obviously know I can’t stay happy every day or moment of my life or every moment that I am here, but I do want to look for the positive in everything and make the most out of every experience here. I have to remember I only have limited time here so I have to cherish every moment that happens here. It’s not like I’m staying here for a year, I’m only here for two months. There is no use in wasting up my time here being negative and sad when I don’t need to and being cranky or picky when I do have to realize that I am in a different country, not comfortable in my own home.
I will admit, the first week here tested me emotionally and mentally in more ways than I can count. I have been to overnight camp for five years now so I know what it is like to be away from home for about two months with a large group of people I don’t necessarily know.

However, coming here was definitely different for sure. I had trouble adjusting to being without my family and everyday home life. Also, this was definitely the hardest for me- I had trouble making friends and knowing who I was getting close with and not.
Although, as the days have moved on, I feel myself making friendships that I know will last for a while and having the most fun I possibly can. At the moment, I can already feel myself dreading wanting to go home ever because I love it here more than I ever could have possibly imagined.
I really hope that by the end of this journey, our group as a whole will feel so closely bonded that our friendships will last a lifetime and continue out of these two months. I hope that we all feel comfortable with each other and feel like we can go to each other with any problems we all have!