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A few days ago, my mom showed me her scrapbook from when she went on Muss

I can’t believe in less than a week I will actually be standing on Israeli soil. Let me first start by saying that packing for this trip has been very different then packing for overnight camp.
I have to admit, I had never heard of a hydration bladder until now and never thought I’d be purchasing a miner’s light to wear around my head! It’s crazy to think about how different and cool these experiences will be.

Growing up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, my life has not been too adventurous. I can’t wait to climb Masada, ride a camel, and float in the dead sea. A few days ago, my mom showed me her scrapbook from when she went on Muss. It’s crazy how looking at those photos still puts the biggest smile on her face. As the days are counting down, I am constantly receiving swarms of stories, memories, and places my mom wants to me to check out when I get to campus. Listening to all of these stories and hearing her experience, clearly shows that the memories I will make on this trip will last a lifetime.

Although I can’t wait to get there, I definitely am a bit nervous. Traveling across the world with all new people, not knowing the language, and having all of this responsibility is definitely scary. The fear of the unknown is always the most nerve-racking part. However, I know once I get settled into my new routine, that I’m going to love Israel.  I’ve never heard a single person say they didn’t love Muss.