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Impact Fellowship Blog

The packing process has begun..

The packing process has begun and the trip I’ve been planning in my head is actually going to happen! I feel nervous to adjust to a new school, time zone, and daily schedule in a new home across the globe. It is nerve-racking thinking of how different life will be in Israel and the adjustment to this new lifestyle, but that doesn’t change how excited I am to have this incredible opportunity. 

Going to Alexander Muss High School in Israel, I am expecting to meet a lot of new and amazing people that have similar values as I do. This experience all stood out to us and sharing it with each other will bring us together in such a powerful way. Coming from a high school with not many Jewish kids, I am looking forward to meeting and going to school with other Jewish students. Not only are we going to learn so much about Israeli history and culture through the Israeli Studies Course, going on tiyulim, and from our experiences living there, but we also will come out of the mini-mester with new knowledge about ourselves, our passions, connections, and our role in the Jewish community. 

I chose to apply to the fellowship because I wanted to continue to build my relationship with Israel and other students and teachers who have interests similar to mine. I feel compelled to participate in this experience and actualize my personal connection to Judaism along with my peers. The Impact Fellowship stood out to me because ever since looking into AMHSI, I realize that I’ll come home understanding how to be a Jewish leader in my own hometown community as well.