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Impact Fellowship Blog

When I received the word that I got the fellowship I literally fell out of my chair..

It is almost one week before I leave for Israel and I cannot contain my nerves. I am afraid that I am the only one who is leaping out of their skin and melting into a big mush, and that it is just me feeling this way, so let’s just pray that I am not alone.
On the other hand, I am very excited to start my classes and make new friends. It is such a great opportunity that I was given, When I received the word that I got the fellowship I literally fell out of my chair, it is OK though because Dana did not hear me thump onto the floor. It is such a small chance that you get to study abroad in a country across the globe, and I got it. I cannot wait to learn about the cultures and wonders of Israel from an up close view. How much better does it get than going to the sights of historical events and learning loads of information that I could not receive anywhere else, and that I am able to spread the word about Muss to the people who have not heard about it yet, but tell them about it from my experiences and from my heart, because it will be so much more impactful once I have gone and come back.

I chose to apply for the Philadelphia fellowship because I wanted to make the fees easier for my parents. I know that they will do anything in the world for me to be happy, but I knew that the expenses were going to be hard on them, so I wanted to make it easier on them, and this fellowship was my chance. Not to mention I am given the chance to write about my experiences while I am there and share it with the world. All in all, I can’t wait till I meet everyone and arrive at the campus, and begin my adventure!