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Stephen Muss (Miami)

As time went on during the semester I created new goals for myself.

After looking back on the goals that I created at the beginning of the semester, I can confidently say that I accomplished all of them. I kept straight A’s in all my classes, I made a lot of close friends, I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually enjoyed hiking, and so much more.

As time went on during the semester I created new goals for myself. Not getting stressed out when the schedule got tight was a big one. Sometimes we would have no time to study, early wake-up, late return to campus and an even longer day the next day and I had to catch myself getting ahead of myself and stressing out about. Sometimes it was harder than others but I was pretty good at keeping myself in check and helping friends get over those obstacles as well.

Another goal that I set for myself as time went on was making sure to not forget that I am not only here for school but also to have fun and enjoy my time in Israel. Often times I would get caught up in tests and be worrying about studying while on tiyuls that I should have been enjoying. That went along with the goal of living in the moment and not worrying about something next week when I still have things this week to get through. A minor goal that I focused on and feel that I have accomplished was only speaking Hebrew when I was out in town to perfect it. I had so much fun accomplishing this one and feel so much more confident in my speaking skills as time went on. Overall, I did accomplish everything that I had originally told myself I would but along the way, I came up with new goals that I feel super proud to say that I have accomplished.