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Washington State

Learning to live in the world

Studying abroad is one of the most important experiences and student can have. Nowadays, the modern education system in the US seems to be interested in churning out identical, submissive students who listen to instructions unconditionally and are punished for thinking outside of the box. However, this conflicts with what colleges are looking for from students. Creativity and motivation to become something more are what seem to be valued in every path past the high school classroom. So where does a student get these skills? From my experience studying abroad I have developed myself as a student and a person. I've learned to assert myself and find ways to manage my time. Let me explain.

At AMHSI, the schedule is constantly moving at lightning speed due to Tiyulim and other activities, and therefore schoolwork is a lot harder because teachers need to fit in as much curriculum as they can in fewer classes. Because of this, I had to work on being able to avoid all of the wonderful distractions Israel and friends have to offer. When I need help from a teacher I make sure that they know I am heard, and although the classes are rigorous, they are always willing to help catch up. Studying abroad teaches time management better than any school back home could because we don't have somebody always breathing down our backs making sure we are doing the work. We have to come up with ways to make time where there isn't, such as on the bus from Tiyuls or during breakfast.

The most wonderful reason for studying abroad is being able to experience the culture of another country and develop new mindsets. In Israel, people are a lot faster paced and assertive. I have developed a similar behavior during my time studying in the country. I am able to navigate the streets and interact with the locals to get what I need. And finally, studying abroad is so much fun. Being able to use the country you are in to learn about the country, and trying out new foods, clothing and language have made me a more interesting person. Studying abroad is an opportunity that shouldn't be passed by any student that has the opportunity.