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When we went to Auschwitz we got to look through “ the book of names” ...

When we went to Auschwitz we got to look through “ the book of names” some called it the book of death and that was just a horrendous feeling seeing this huge book with hundreds and hundreds of pages. In the book of names, I have never seen so many of my last name in the same place and multiple pages of my last name and I thought to myself any of those could have been related to me or it could have been me in this time I could have gone through this suffering.

This Poland trip really brought a new meaning of suffering to me because I was there to witness these hate crimes against our people, some places were really impactful in bringing out this pain of all of these deaths. It wasn’t just a few people who died at this time, there were so many people, Jews, who died in the death camps and concentration camps and others who died in the ghettos and in their homes, this shouldn't actually be a time in history, it's horrible.

How did we stoop this low, how were people able to think like this and able to act on these commands? In concentration camps, there were some mock trials held where the Jewish people put G-d on trial, because how could he possibly just let this happen to us, the chosen people? Was he really all-powerful and was he even real at all? Jews at this time faced this problem and some even lost faith in religion. I live in a time where I am blessed to not have to face this problem and we are allowed to pick and choose what religion or no religion at all suits us and we aren't punished and tortured for it.