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Washington State

Tips for living in Israel

During these past two months, I've gained much knowledge about how to get myself around and learned some tips to make sure I’m doing things right.   

This past week, my phone fell off my bunk bed and completely shattered and it was unusable. Being in a foreign country without communication with my parents, and unsure if I was going to be able to afford it. I was very nervous about what was going to happen. But I talked to my Madrich, and they helped me locate a store that dealt with electronics repair. The next day, I took my phone to the store and they repaired it in a couple hours. Everything turned out okay, but I had to take responsibility and figure things out on my own.

Another important thing one would need to know is the currency exchange. The current exchange rate from 1 American Dollars to 1 shekel is about 3.52. Don't be surprised when you go to a falafel stand and they tell you it costs 17 shekels, because it's actually only about $5. 

Often times, when people that are trying to sell you stuff know that your American, they will raise the price because they think that you will just accept that price without bargaining. So always be careful and make sure that you aren't being ripped off.

One of my favorite tips that I have learned here is when your looking to buy jewelry in the shuks. Sellers will often promise you it's real sterling silver, but sometimes they're lying. Check the inside of the piece of jewelry to see if it has 925 engraved on it, if it does that means its sterling silver.

When you need directions, use an app called, “Moovit” it can tell you the walking directions on how to get there, bus routes, or taxis that are available to take you to your location. Another app is called, “Gett” where you can locate a taxi in your area.

These have been some of my experiences and tips for getting around in Israel. I’m very excited for these next upcoming months and to sharing more of my experiences.