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Living in Israel for two months I have picked up on some tips and tricks to get around.

Living in Israel for two months I have picked up on some tips and tricks to get around. One big tip I can give you in Israel is to follow your gut if something seems off don’t do it. Another tip is always asking if you know someone living/lived in Israel, don’t hesitate to text them to ask if they think the price is right or anything else you need. I found that most people in Israel are very friendly and open to helping you when asked. Never feel pressured by the seller to buy something from them, they are relentless and very good at persuasion if you let your guard down.

Another thing I’ve come to learn here is that Israelis are very blunt and straightforward when talking to you, so don’t be offended by you thinking their being rude. It’s just their culture when talking to strangers. Before buying something keep the conversion rate in the back of your head so you know what you are paying. Don’t stress about Hebrew in Israel English is a lot of peoples second language. You need to be very conscious about your money here because you don’t have your parents looking after I suggest getting an app through your bank or making a journal of what you spent your money on.

Homework is very important part of school  here so I suggest that you find your own nice quiet space to knock it out during an off period or right after school so you don’t have to worry it about the rest of the day. I suggest you also really embrace yourself in the culture try new food, go to new synagogues, and talk to Israelis. Last but not least don't take anything for granted try to live in the moment and make the most out of your experience here in the holy land.