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Washington State

Adjusting to life in Israel

There are a lot of differences in Israel that you have to adapt to if you want to feel comfortable here. Israel is our homeland so you want to feel as home here as you can and do to that you have to know how to live here and be able to adjust. 

One big thing I recommend is getting an app that converts shekels to U.S dollars or just use a calculator, they both work the same, but this helps me understand how much I’m spending all the time since I’m not used to this country’s currency. Now to add on to the money spending situation in shuks some store owners will raise the price on an item especially if you are an American who does not speak Hebrew because they want to sell it at the highest price. Now to fight this and stop overspending a helpful thing to do is bring a friend along who speaks Hebrew maybe and try and negotiate with them to get them to bring the price down. Since Hebrew is the main language of this country its a little hard for me to understand everything because I don’t know Hebrew but in Hebrew class we learned how to read a little bit and now every time I go out somewhere I try and reads what it says and it’s amazing practice and helps me feel very accomplished, now all I need now is to understand what it means. 

Another thing that is important since its always sunny is to wear sunscreen to protect your face and wear comfortable shoes since you are walking everywhere around town. While you are out in town you can explore the good Israeli food they offered here for very cheap, they have schnitzel, falafel, and shwarma places everywhere. My favorite place to go in town even though it may not be food is the smoothie place, I always get my lemonade there, it’s so delicious. If you need some school supplies for any of your classes then there is a school supply store that has everything that you could possibly need and when you walk in there you just want to be organized because of everything they have, for some reason it makes you excited about school. It is amazing being able to learn here and having the chance to travel around a town that completely new to us.