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Stephen Muss (Miami)

I see Israel as my living classroom in many ways.

I see Israel as my living classroom in many ways. To start off, our main class is Israeli studies. As we learn about Israel, we go on different tiyuls to different places where Israel's history took place. At home, I don’t take any Jewish centered classes. I go to a public school so everything is very different. I feel like I learn so much more because we get to go to places where events have happened.

When we went to Masada, it was so meaningful because I got to understand the history and the importance of Masada. I have been to Masada before, but I did not understand the meaning until now. Each place we go to follows along with the history we are learning. I think it is amazing that I get to experience this type of learning. At home, when I am in school we never go on field trips. I just learn the basic way. But here in Israel, I get to have fun and really learn the information.

Another way Israel is my living classroom is learning about life. I’m here with no parents, making decisions on my own. I’m learning more about responsibility and independence. I’ve been in Israel for over six weeks now and I feel like even when I am not in class learning, I am learning. I have learned how to live with people twenty four seven and take some time out of the day to be by myself for even a few minutes. I am learning a new language in class and out of class. Along with Hebrew class, I get to practice my Hebrew with my counselors and many other people. Overall, I have learned so much already and I have not even been here that long. I am excited to see how much more I will learn this semester, in class and out of class. I am grateful to be on this learning experience.