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Photo Journalism Blog

Save a Child's Heart

Dylan Goldstein
On July 9, I volunteered with Save a Child’s Heart. This was a life changing experience that I will always remember. I played basketball with a 14 year old boy from the Solomon Islands, took selfies with a little girl from Tanzania and played with toys with a 7 year old from Ethiopia. These kids put such a smile on my face as I enjoyed brightening their day. The only negative of the day was the language barrier between the kids and I. I spent the whole day with these kids and did not speak a word of English to them. I found it amazing that one can have such an enjoyable day without speaking. The organization is an incredible cause that is benefiting so many kids all over the world. Also, I was very intrigued by the 27 year old living in the home. After asking, I learned that the boy used to live in the house and SACH lives with the motto “Once a child in the home, always a child in the home.” Overall, I had a fantastic day with the kids and enjoyed every second of spending time with them. - Dylan