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Las Vegas

I have so many high expectations for this trip.

I have so many high expectations for this trip. I don’t know much but I expect to learn about the history, culture, lifestyle, and food on this trip. I hope to learn how people live in a different country. I expect to see the beautiful diversity. I think I’m going to learn a lot. I am going to go on a great adventure. I think I’m going to have a fun trip. I never been away for this long before. I am going to miss my family due to this. I might get home sick. I don’t know the majority of people on this trip. There might be language barriers with the people in Israel. With this experience in Israel I hope to get many things out of it. For example, I will gain knowledge of the history of Israel. I will also be able to experience it first hand. I will probably learn a new language. I will be able to  understand the culture better. I will be apart of the lifestyle. I want to eat the delicious food. I chose to apply to the fellowship to be able to experience Israel. I’m very excited to embark on this adventure. I want to see and experience the western wall. The reason why is because I heard a lot about it and learned so much about it before.