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Las Vegas

Anticipation. It’s my overwhelming emotion right now.

Anticipation. It’s my overwhelming emotion right now. Of course there is fear and maybe a little anxiety, but that’s usually expected. Right? I leave for six-weeks in t-minus 12 days. I can’t even fathom how excited I am. I can’t wait to experience everything Israel has to offer. The food, the language, the people, the places. Literally everything. And you might be thinking, “Why are you so nervous? It seems like it’ll be an amazing experience!”. Yes I know it will be a trip of a lifetime. I know I will have so much fun, meet some astonishing people, and go on unbelievable adventures. I just loathe airplanes. My anxiety is just from knowing I have to get on an airplane. Yeah, it seems ridiculous but here I am stressed out because I have to fly alone (which I haven’t ever done before by the way). I know I will be perfectly fine and nothing will happen but I still have a little anxiety. I’m 100% positive once I meet my directors and form a relationship with them I will be okay and be ready to take on the 10 to 12 hour flight across the ocean. With my irrational fear of airplanes aside, I’m elated to be in Israel for almost my entire summer. I can’t wait to meet the other students who are in the Alexander Muss program and make memories that will last a lifetime. I’m finding it unbearable to wait for the moment I get to sink my teeth into some delicious falafel and some halvah. I mean the best part about traveling to different countries is the food, right? Anyways, I didn’t apply for the Impact Fellowship just for the food. I applied so I could experience everything Israel has to offer before I graduated high school. Both of my parents went to Israel when they were teenagers and said it was literally a trip of a lifetime. So following in both my parents footsteps, I can’t wait to go to Israel and learn about and experience the land of the Chosen people.