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Today March 4th we went to Belvoir and Tzfat.

Today March 4th we went to Belvoir and Tzfat. In Belvoir we learned about the Crusades and how bad it was for the Jews. We saw how the Crusaders built their fortresses and we pretended to attack as the Muslims would. When doing that we learned about the different techniques the Crusaders used when building the fortresses and saw much thought they put into it. Eventually the Crusaders are taken over because of many things including their pretentiousness. We saw how the Jews had many similarities to the Christians at this time and how the Muslims think they can conquer us just like they did with the Christians. After that Danny proposed a situation where Israel would be attacked by her neighbors and they would a call to all Americans to come and help out whether that means going into combat or babysitting a commander’s kids. We went around in a circle and said what we do if we were in our second semester of college and Israel needed our help. Basically everyone in our class said they would go to Israel for almost the same reason which is that we need Israel to be alive. Then we went to Tzfat where we learned about Kabbalah, the spiritual aspect of Judaism. We went to a Kabbalists artist’s house and saw all of his painting and he told us that in Kabbalah there believe that everyone happens for a reason - there is no such thing as a coincidence, your name is one of the most important things, and God is everything. Tzfat gave the Jews hope after the Crusaders killed all of us in Jerusalem and banned us of every job except money lending.