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My two favorite parts were hiking in the nature and walking through the tunnel.

Hi Gavriel,

I really enjoyed today’s tiyul and my two favorite parts were hiking in the nature and walking through the tunnel. I really enjoyed walking through the tunnel because I know that if I was doing the walking alone, I would have been terrified. But I was surrounded by my friends. We were united as one and singing together which brought me comfort. This is one of the biggest reasons that I decided to come on to Tiferet.  Besides wanting connect to my Judaism, I wanted to grow and develop closer friendships which is already happening. Therefore, the tunnels meant a lot to me. This also relates to the short hike we went on.  I really enjoyed being able to walk through the nature and do so with my friends. Even the parts of my hike that I was not talking to my friends, I was enjoying the nature like in this photo. I love cherry blossoms and I’m not sure if that’s what these flowers were, but they were beautiful and reminded me of cherry blossoms regardless. It reminded me of when I was in San Francisco and saw cherry blossoms and both these tiyulim were very enjoyable experiences. I love going on trips like this and so seeing these flowers really hit home. I felt comforted and blessed to be able to appreciate true beauty like this. This also reminded me of my dad because he loves photographing nature, so I felt a rush of joy, passion, and safety. Overall, I had an amazing experience. - Ariel