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Israel and America could not be more different, but it’s a good different.

Israel and America could not be more different, but it’s a good different. I came here to experience another culture, Israel’s culture. The difference are noticeable, it’s not like going to another state and seeing little road signs saying welcome to New Jersey instead of Welcome to Pennsylvania, it’s a whole new language. It says Bruchim Habayim instead of Welcome. That’s the biggest difference, the language. Being in HSI, I want to learn Hebrew, I want to know what my madrichim are talking about, I want to join the Mosenson conversation at meals. It’s also a huge culture change walking on the streets hearing a different language every time you turn, you feel a little left out. I am so intrigued in the Hebrew language already, and I have only been here 3 weeks. Money is also a drastic change, though you still have to in America, Israel your really have to manage your money well. I hate to admit it, but I would just hand money to the store without knowing how much I was giving. With using shekels you don’t always know how much you're giving to them, because shekels and dollars have different values. The social aspects are also different. Israelis are very straightforward, so sarcasm isn’t really a thing here. If you try to be sarcastic, Israelis will either take it literally or think your being rude. Sarcasm is a really American thing. In America, you have a lot more freedom. Americans coddle their children, but here you will just see a bunch of kids wandering around late at night, and we are allowed to go to town without our counselors with friends and it’s so fun! Israelis here are also very fast pace, they get to the point. Lines aren’t much in there vocabulary, they get from one destination to the other and nothing is stopping them. It also shows in driving, being an American getting into an Israeli car feels like a roller coaster, and crossing the street your heart stops a little. The weather here is so different. Not just warmer, but one second it will be pouring rain and another it will be sunny. Like I will look at the weather for a day and it will say rain, but then only rain for 10 minutes every 2 hours, you never know.