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Today was a long day. We began with a lesson and then a hike. This image exemplifies the difficulty of the hike and how it was a communal experience, with everyone involved. This hike tested my endurance and patience, as well as my physical prowess. As the hike got increasingly difficult, I found myself enjoying the challenge. Moreover, it was fun to plan out my steps in the hopes of getting down in the safest and quickest route. Further, the view of the valley in Gilboah was not only beautiful, but knowing that biblical Jewish events occurred there made it more special. This initial experience was followed by spending time in the warm spring, where I could cool off. This was a bonding experience with the people in my grade, and I found it relaxing to swim in the water. Lastly, we went to the home for at risk youth, where I learned more than anything to be appreciative for my family and that teenagers in such situations are more similar to us than we realize.