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Perseverance at the Gilboa

Har Gilboa was our first full Tiyul! It was a long day with a lot of activity and adventure which I loved personally. I find that if I’m not busy with my day, I start to do unnecessary things, so I loved the fact that our day was full and we didn’t have time to stop. A lot of people don’t like that, but I want to always be doing something nonstop to keep my mind busy. Although the lesson at the beginning of the day was in the cold, it was so interesting to learn about the judges and how they were on the same exact grounds as we were. The hike was amazing, I realized that I actually like hiking and It can be fun. I used to think it was boring but I realized when your with your friends, even if you fall it’s an experience you’ll never forget and feel so accomplished after you finish. The natural spring was for sure my favorite part of the day. It was a perfect cool off from the hike. All of my friends and I went to the warm waterfall together and it felt so nice because the water pressure felt like a massage. Finally, going to see the children after a whole long day of activity was really grounded. It makes me so happy to see the kids who came from such broken families make something of themselves and move on. When I feel like I’m going through something really hard and I don’t think I can get through it, I’m going to think back to this time and remember that if they could get through it I definitely can. - Michelle