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When I go off campus, I do feel like I am in Israel, and I love it.

I always tend to write these blogs at night, as I feel as I am more in tune with myself and can reflect on my experiences in Israel. I have been in Israel for a pretty substantial amount of time now, away from my parents, family, and country in which I primarily reside in. I have to say even though I have been in Israel for a pretty long time, I still feel like I am in America, but in a good way. When I am on campus, I feel like I am at camp, having fun, learning, and enjoying myself. That is primarily the part that feels like America, or an American summer camp for that matter. Some would say that a summer camp is all fun, with no learning. I would say that I have never felt like the learning that I am doing is fun, until this experience. I am excited to go to class each day, and I love what I learn and who I am learning with. When I go off campus, I do feel like I am in Israel, and I love it. The food I eat, the music I listen to, and the people I talk to all make me feel included in Israeli culture and make me feel at home in the country that I am in today. Some of my favorite things about Israeli culture are the food I eat and the music that I listen to. When I go into town at night, I tend to go to either 20 Flavor Schnitzel, or the falafel cart. I would say I have had my fair share of chicken tenders, but I have never had anything that compares to this. The schnitzel is so tender, and is quickly becoming one of my new favorite foods. I am also a huge fan of the falafel cart. This food is amazing, the people are really nice, and that place especially makes me feel like I am an Israeli. The last place I usually go to is called Illusion ice cream. I think it would be safe to say it is the best ice cream that I have ever had, with no comparison. The cream is so fresh, so it makes the final product taste incredible. The other main thing that makes me feel at home in Israel, is the music that I listen to. I wanted to see if I could go three days without listening to one English song, and I did. I am a big fan of Static and Bel El, Nechi Nech, and Omer Adam. The music is much more upbeat and dance suggestive than America, and that puts me in a better mood. In conclusion, my experiences off campus and my acculturation into some parts of Israeli culture make me feel like a real Israeli citizen.