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One goal that I have for myself is to make the most of my experience.

David B

I am already a week and a half in my AMHSI experience and I am having the time of my life. We are learning about the Jewish Bible, going to all types of cool places like The City of David, Tel Gezer, and Mount Gilboa, and spending lots of time with my friends. As I look at the grand scheme of things though, on AMHSI I would like to achieve various different goals. Personal goals and academic goals. One goal that I have for myself is to make the most of my experience. Every little activity, moment, even every second I need to take advantage of. I am not going to be able to do anything like this ever again in my life, so I must take advantage of my time here. Whether I like an activity or I don't, I just need to stay positive. Another personal goal I would like to achieve is to form strong friendships with my fellow classmates. In order for me to have the best time, I need to make strong friendships. Friends who I can hang with on the weekend, friends who I can talk to, and friends that I can share experiences with. Hopefully, these friendships would continue even after the program is over. Friends that I can have for my whole life. My final personal goal is to learn how to take care of myself by myself. I have always had someone with me reminding me to do homework, buying me food, and looking after me. That is not the case here at AMHSI, I will have to do that by myself. I hope to become more independent.

Along with personal goals, I would like to achieve some academic goals. One academic goal I have for myself is to make sure that truly learn and understand the topics that I am learning in core class. I have never learned about Israeli history before and learning it very important to me. I would like to learn the history of my religion, something that is a huge part of my life. Another academic goal that I have for myself is to make sure that I get all A's in my general studies classes. Getting good grades is very important to me. I have done very well in my home classes this year and I hope to continue that at AMHSI. To achieve that goal I will have to manage my time. I can't spend 2 hours after school watching tv. I need to make sure that I use my time wisely. I can't wait to continue my journey here at AMHSI and to achieve all of these goals.