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I am hoping to overall learn things here in Israel that I am not able to learn back at my regular school.

For my Alexander Muss experience, I have many goals that I'm hoping to achieve both personally and academically. Many of the goals I have set are small goals, but can overall make a big change for me during and after my experience here at AMHSI. To start off with academic goals, I am hoping to overall learn things here in Israel that I am not able to learn back at my regular school. Learning general studies such as math and science here are different than learning it at home, but again is still the same subject that you can learn anywhere. Core class here in Israel gives me the opportunity to learn subjects that I cannot learn back at my school. So far, although it has only been a little over a week, I have learned more than I could possibly imagine about Jewish and Israeli history and culture. Some of the topics we learn and the tiyuls (trips) we go on are topics and places I never knew were so big in the history of Israel. I know core class will expand my love and knowledge for Israel, and learning so much in so little time is amazing. I can't believe we are able to learn so much from the class time we have and the tiyulim we go on. My goal is to be able to retain all that I have learned and be able to bring it back with me and everywhere I go to be able to teach everyone else. I also hope to be able to learn and expand my Hebrew vocabulary and phrases so I am able to communicate and talk with people more. I didn't come on this program to be able to pass a test, I came to Israel to learn about my culture and history of where we all come from. For personal goals, I am trying to learn my ways of managing my money, making new friends, balancing my time between work for school and hanging out with my friends and all that comes in between. The independence here is so much more than you expect, but I love it! Independently, you also need to be able to figure out your schedule and do what is best for you, that is a goal I have set for myself. Making friends for me has not been an issue, I have already made friends that will last a lifetime, but I hope to continue to bond with more people on campus. I can't wait for the weeks to come on HSI and all the goals I hope to achieve.