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Photo Journalism Blog

Branching Out


The photo I chose today is actually not my favorite photo of the day but it represents something extremely important. To me this photo represents branching out, for me as a person, and for our entire group. This 4 month experience is designed to allow us to branch out and make incredibly strong connections with people we did not really know that well before leaving. One of my main goals for this whole experience has been to make new relationships. Besides this topic, this tiyul was my favorite so far because I really loved hearing the story about Orde Wingate and his connection to the founding of Israel. It was an incredibly inspiring story and I had never heard of it before. The second thing I loved about this tiyul was seeing how all of the stories about the judges we learned about were taking place in areas that we could see around us. It was true interactive learning and that is what this trip is all about. - Dean