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Yad Ezra Veshulamit


I took this photo at a non-profit called Yad Ezra Veshulamit. They are an organization that packages food for those less fortunate. It was great to be able to do something good and have them project to us the impact it would have. This was just one of the places we went to on this tiyul We began the day at Lifeline for the Old where we were able to interact with the residents and look at their art. It was nice to see that they had something they were passionate about because we often treat elderly very poorly. Once people reach a certain age, they are deemed irrelevant to society. This is clearly a horrible practice, so it was refreshing to see that they were working and making things for themselves. We ended the day at an interactive archeological activity. We got to sift through rocks and find things that could tell us about the second temple period. I really liked this tiyul because we got to spend time in Jerusalem and integrate into the Jewish community while also taking a break from learning. - Jordyn