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Photo Journalism Blog

Views of Jerusalem


This photo was taken at a site looking over all of Jerusalem. After being told to put blindfolds on, we were led off the bus and into an unknown location. While our blindfolds were still on, we were given a speech about the importance of the place we were about to lay eyes on. After a few anxious minutes, we took off our blindfolds, and in front of us we saw the most beautiful view of the sun setting over Jerusalem. This was the first time I’ve ever been here and I could not believe that it was real. After taking pictures, we learned about a writer who was given the difficult task of enrapturing the amazingness of this city into a song. While she did struggle, it went on to be the most famous song in Israel. Hearing this song while looking over Jerusalem put tears in my eyes, and I’m happy that this was the first experience I had in this city. I am so excited to come back here and learn more about this amazing place. - Jordyn