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Judges and GIlboa


This is a picture from the almost tippety-top of Mount Gilboa. Here, we learned all about the judges, and their cycle. We went over judges like, Yiftach, Shimshon, Devorah and Gideon. This was very interesting, because if you look at each judge, you can see how the Judges cycle repeats itself over and over. This I found cool, because usually people say “history teaches us to not repeat mistakes we made in the past”, and the people do just that. Furthermore, I thought the explanation for the quality of judges, was really interesting. We went over how the people would receive judges that became worse and worse over time, and how that reflected the people. This I thought was a little odd, as people who were bad were getting bad judges. Wouldn’t it make sense to give bad people, good judges so that they can teach them? On a different note, I absolutely loved the scenery of the area. I chose this picture because it shows the area we were standing on, and the area beyond. This fascinated me, because even though we were on top of mountain, everything below had been a part of the country’s history. Every rock, tree, trail or bush, may have been a place that our ancestors visited. This really made me feel proud to be Jewish, because it makes me feel rooted to the land that my ancestors walked. - Adam