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Photo Journalism Blog

First Tiyul


This tiyul was beyond amazing. I felt so part of history and learning while I was sitting where this history happened was very eye opening. This time period is early Canaanite period and related to Abram. We went to different gates, a water tunnel, an amphitheater, and more places! We discussed all the history surrounding us and the people who walked and lived where we were. This really made me feel part of my Jewishhistory and made me realize how important nature and history is. I learned not to take nature for granted at all. I chose this picture because Sasha was the first friend I made here and I thought it was a very cute picture! My favorite part of the tiyul was probably the watering tunnel because I just thought that was beyond cool, thinking that people broke through the rock to find water and built that perfect round shape the tunnel has! - Mollie