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Photo Journalism Blog

First Feelings


This is on 1/28/19 at Hod Hasharon (first day photo-journal) We flew from JFK into Ben Gurion Airport and then took a bus to Hod Hasharon. This is the sign to get into the amhsi, there is no lesson today this is just the first impression picture. We did not study anything for this tiyul but it was fun to arrive at the campus and begin our 4 months. 

We just discussed arrival and had orientation. We started to talk about our classes and what everyday life looks like. 

Getting to Israel was very exciting because I haven’t been here for a couple of years and I can’t wait to get to know the city better. I do miss home a little but I know that this will feel like home very soon. I am excited to explore my Judaism more and get to know more about my history. The flight was not very enjoyable but I loved getting to Israel and I can’t wait to see how I am going to grow as a person over this next semester. I came in knowing a couple of people but I have already met some nice people and I know we will be leaving with a great connection. When I got to the campus, it was much larger than I expected and I love that there is a town right next to Hod Hasharon. I’m excited to get to know everyone on this trip and I think we will all become closer. I know this trip will go by way too fast and I probably won’t want to leave at the end. It is hard to get used to living away from home for so long but Israel is going to be home away from home. I cant wait to learn all of the history of the Jewish people and Israel! I know this will be an amazing experience! - Daniella