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Magical Gilboa Hike


The Gilboa hike was really magical. When we started to walk I found it all right it was quite muddy which is really lovely but my shoes kept getting really heavy so I was finding it a little tough. We then walked past cows which reminded me of a camp I went on for eight weeks with which was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When we made it to the lookout it was such an amazing view you can see all of the neighboring cities it was so lovely to see. A hike back up with is quite difficult but I really enjoyed it since it wasn’t a straight path and you had to do a little bit of parkour which was really really fun. A lot of people found a little bit difficult but that was alright because I like to motivate them and I helped Erin take a bush pee. We then went to the springs which was so pretty and the water was so warm and so lovely and the little fishes kept biting my feet which kind of hurt but it was kind of relaxing. During this day I made lots of new friendships and to talk to lots of new people to really enjoyable and I had such a lovely day. - Darcy