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Genesis Fellowship

This trip so far has had a ton of great experiences.

This trip so far has had a ton of great experiences. My goal for the rest of this trip is to have more. I looked at the list of places where we get to go and I see so much history. I also see our futures. After seeing great spots here like Gilboa, Sataf, Tel Gezer, and Jerusalem. It’ll be hard to find somewhere to impress me more. Over Shabbat this weekend I helped plan a trip to the beach. I organized the money and partnered with Lihi to get us a minibus. We got off the bus and the sun was so bright I couldn’t really see. But then I saw the bluest water I’ve never seen. The beach at Herzliya was absolutely breathtaking. We walked through the beach with the soft sand beneath my toes to the mall. I love shopping, so this was the perfect way to start my day. I stayed with John and we shopped at a bunch of stores and got I got a whole bunch of stuff. I loved how when I was trying to buy a pair of shorts at Castro. They were expensive and I brought Lihi and she got a guy to give us the employee discount. She’s pretty awesome like that. She stopped us at the yogurt place. Which was like yogurt flavored ice cream, but not frozen yogurt, if that makes sense. We went to the beach and I tanned with Rebecca and Miya. I got too hot and went into the beautiful warm water and jumped the waves with a bunch of my new friends. I got out and played in the sand with Lauren and Leo. I had a great time at the beach. One of the goals for my trip is to have more fun. Also to get more tan, but that’s not quite as important. I want to experience culture here that I don’t get at home. I want to bargain at the shuk, here we come! I want to live like a true Israeli. I can’t wait to see what I experience next! Shana Tovah.