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Genesis Fellowship

Living Classroom

All throughout my school years my teachers have made valiant attempts to bring my learning from a stationary classroom to the real world. Most attempts at an outdoor classroom were going outside to sit in a circle and try to learn. All these attempts never left a mark except for one where my class took a trip to a wetland and learned about the animals and the ecosystem. Looking back at this it proves what my teacher Benji (from AMHSI) always says “this is different than if you were sitting in a classroom somewhere in the world, you get to feel and see what we learn about”. Learning about something and then it being right in front of you means way more than a textbook, it creates a living memory that grows and ages like you and all the people you shared it with. How I have climbed down mountains and up them and swam in beautiful waters with beautiful friends. How I have helped someone down a mountain when they hurt their ankle or stayed at the back of the group to help people find the trail. How I have been marveled by the intelligence of the ancient worlds and their survival or saddened by the downfall of another Jewish kingdom. No matter what the memories that I have made, and will make, while I am here will always be with me because they have been placed as a foundational stone in my young heart. All stones that are placed on this foundation will be a little different because of these Israeli stones. The home that I built for myself and that others have helped me build in my heart, will support future generations that will have a tiny piece of my Israel stone with them, continuing the chain reaction. If I can guess what my future generations will be like, they will not be happy with such a tiny taste of all that Israel has to offer, and I will help them go to Israel like my parents have helped me make it here. When I send my kids I can only hope that they find a program like I had, full of amazing people and amazing teachers.