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One of the biggest difference between America and Israel is the way the sun shines.

One of the biggest difference between America and Israel is the way the sun shines. The sun has been a intense hot shine lately but the glow that it gives off is amazing, and seems to instill a happiness in me. I love the way how all the buildings here are sturdy and made of stone and even tho they are all built with the same materials they are all designed so differently. Every house seems so unique with how their roofs slope and how the walls are supported, while in America you can seem to get lost in the constant stream of subdivisions. Everything here seems to have a sense of history that isn’t existent in America, and I seem to appreciate things because of that even tho I can forget to realize some things sometimes. The way that people seem to live here involves a lot less worry, at least to the outside perspective. I wish that America could have the same sorta Shabbat system and work more days but live more during the week because of having more time. I like the idea of having a good break but also having more time to do your work and that is what having Shabbat and then work on Sunday does. In America I do not like how we have the two day weekend because we do not really appreciate the time we get off and waste it on things that we did not really want to do. I have not been exposed to Israeli culture that much because I have not had a free weekend outwith a family or some other way that I would actually get exposed to the culture. From what I have seen tho, Israeli culture is different than American culture, but it is hard to say what specifically is different, I like the difference tho. 
I think that part of the difference is that it seems like people here in Israel get so much more out of life. I think that because people here have to go into the military they are sort of forced to make every second count because they do not have as much time to waste. I like a lot of things about Israel as a state, like their efforts for renewable energy, water conservation, recycling, and other things. I would like to one day live in a place that valued the Earth a little more and recognized that Global warming was a thing, unlike America seems to continue to do. While I have been in Israel I have not herd the same blind arrogance and pride in their state that America seems to constantly spew, but maybe it has just been coincidence. I come to Israel in a time where America is not doing its best, and many times seems to have hit an all time low, so everything that I see has looked golden, but obviously Israel has its major flaws too I just have not been in a place to realize them yet.