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Genesis Fellowship

I landed at the NYC airport tired, nervous, excited, and late very late.

I landed at the NYC airport tired, nervous, excited, and late very late. As I made my way through the NYC airport to meet up with the AMHSI group I could not seem to remember where we were meeting or how to get there. After finding out I needed to catch the plane train I got onto the train, and after a few minutes I started to think that I had gotten on the wrong train, small freak out, but all was good. I made my way closer and closer to my group and finally I was on the escalator. I had a feeling that my group would be waiting at the top for me, and they were. They welcomed me with smiling faces and warm greetings, I learned many names and forgot all of them, they asked me questions, we tried to play games but failed. We were just a group of nervous teenage kids ready to go to Israel and have our lives changed forever,but all of us were scared of it so we laughed through the fear together on the floor. As we went through customs I started to turn into my extreme extrovert that talks all the time and meets everyone within a 100 meter radios, my group stuck by me through the crazy and our relationships together started to form.That first day at the airport, some people gravitated towards one another, but more commonly than that, we all gravitated towards each other forming a group.We went through security and back into the terminal, we ate together and made fools of ourselves for the first of many times. By it was time to board the plane we all were blabbering with excitement and trying to plan our seats for the plane ride but in the end we all moved around anyway. The plane ride was a mix of long talks, laughs, and sleep. I landed in Israel tired and ready to be with this amazing group of people. 

This program has attracted some of the most unique souls America has to offer and all of them have a thirst for adventure and discovery that is hard to come by. Even though everyone is new, everyone has already become a little familiar and the same curiosity about one another and want to get close is still here and thriving. The teachers bring the material to life and have huge hearts that they let all their students into. Even tho so far I have not been doing the best with my school work I am still having the time of my life with all my new friends and mentors.