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Educator Seminar Blog

Visiting AMHSI as an Educator

Having been a high school and college counselor for most of my career, I am an avid proponent that young adults learn to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. Students are accustomed and seem to lock automatically into accepting taking Advanced Placement classes as the most important part of the high school experience. The majority of students choose the safety of traditional education during their formative years without being willing to take the risk, step outside their comfort zone.  Trying to encourage these students to seek an educational experience that might change their lives is a difficult sell for both student, teachers, and parents.

Through this trip, my primary purpose is to gain a better personal understanding of the academic rigor and real-world experiences that will benefit students as they grow and mature during their high school years. I am going into this educational experience with an open mind; eager to learn more about AMHSI so I can share personal experiences with those I counsel.