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Educator Seminar Blog

They had experienced something so much greater than many high school kids had.

As I read the words written by both Lexi and Meredith recounting their experiences at AMHSI, their experiences and the school came to life for me.  They chose to talk about their respective time at AMHSI in their Common Application essays. Their stories brought chills to my arms; they had experienced something so much greater than many high school kids had – they experienced the past, present and future in a very short tenure.  I knew then that there would be a time in my future that I would visit Israel and get a taste of a world and a religion that so fundamentally impacted them. Meeting Dana Klein at the Independent Educational Consultants Association conference in Boston was nothing short of kismet.

With the trip to Israel just a short 7 days away, I want to bring the smells, the feelings, the enormity of possibilities back with me to Atlanta.  I want to experience the dorms, classrooms and even the bomb shelter that became a frequent destination for Meredith. I want to meet the students and get a sense of why the chance to study at AMHSI is so important to them.  I want to stand before the Western Wall in the Old City and feel the power of Jewish history and understand the words that Lexi wrote in her essay.

In this trip I want to experience the magic that is Israel and bring that magic back with me.  I look ahead to the students I have yet to work with and hope to be able to share that magic as they and their families work through the question: “Should my child consider study at Alexander Muss during their high school years?”