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Educator Seminar Blog

I reflect back on what brought me to this point.

I reflect back on what brought me to this point.  I have been a school counselor in a suburban Philadelphia school district for the past 19 years.  Our district demographics include quite a large Jewish population. In the natural course of building relationships with my students and their families, I have been invited to a number of Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs and sadly have visited families who are sitting Shiva.  I have come to appreciate and value the Jewish faith and culture that I have been exposed to. I have had several students take advantage of exchange programs, studying in Israel for a semester or partial semester, most recently with AMHSI, and I believe that these experiences are invaluable.  I know that not all students may be able to experience this for a number of reasons, but the more I can learn about the program, the more I can help facilitate the opportunities that may be available for interested students.

As a man of faith, I have also had a personal desire to visit Israel and see some of the Holy Land.  This is experience will serve me positively, providing both professional and personal benefits. I am appreciative of the invitation and look forward to sharing what I learn about AMHSI with the students and families I work with.