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What I Will Miss Most-Liliane Sutton

    Posted by Liliane Sutton on 11.30.21

HSI has been a great experience, I've loved every single week and the different places we’ve visited. At HSI I get to live with people who are now my best friends and learn from them. I have experienced what it is to live away from my parents and learn how to take care of myself. While doing so, having roommates has been one of my favorite things about this program. I have learned so much from them and they have become my family.

Living with my friends and spending every single day with them is what I am going to miss the most when going back home. We are coming to the end of the program and looking back, my roommates and I have grown together and learnt so much from each other. From cleaning the room together, to late-night talks with them, I can't imagine not having them back in Miami. In addition, one of the things that I am also going to miss from HSI is the fun schedule.

This semester we have gone to different places and learned about different cultures. It has been a unique way to learn. The best part of this schedule is never knowing what comes next and what to expect. Instead of a regular week, we have tiyuls and overnight trips which make every week different and interesting. For example, this week we had an overnight stay in En Gedi and we got to experience a unique and fun Shabbat with amazing views.

We have all grown into HSI and adapted to this crazy lifestyle. This is why coming back will make me realize the fun I have had. I have mixed feelings regarding coming home. I miss my family and friends but I will never forget the opportunity that I had by coming here and everything I've learned.

Liliane Sutton