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Stephen Muss (Miami)

This past week, we went on a trip

    Posted by Samuel Courtney on 10.22.20

This past week, we went on a trip

Amazing would be an understatement, it was spectacular!

Leaving campus was all great and dandy,

But going to the place we went was like a gift given to us by the man upstairs himself


We had been cooped up on campus,

Nevertheless having a good time

But something to do was needed

And I can speak for everyone when I say our expectations were exceeded


Standing under a placid sunset

With new lifelong friends

In the North of Israel

It doesn’t get much better than that


I already miss it

The tents, the sunsets, the farming, the trip

But on campus now

I’m sitting, eager to go to Jerusalem


I wonder if this trip will exceed the last

I don’t know if you can tell I’m excited

With all these great people around me

This trip will be one I will never forget


This week has been tough

Lots of school work and what not

But spending my birthday (this Saturday) in Jerusalem

Is something I am thrilled about


I’m planning on seeing family for the first time in months

Hanging out in Jerusalem with my IS teachers and friends

Spending my birthday in the holiest city on Earth

Oh boy oh boy, am I excited for this trip.


This program thus far has been like nothing I’ve experienced before

It’s like I’m doing sleep away camp and school side by side

I really am having a great time

I wish my time on this program would be another 4 months more.