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Serenity of Nature

    Posted by Ruby McConnell on 10.22.20
Tree branches wobble and sway 
As my anxious feelings fly away and away 
The sharp blades of grass stand tall 
I tremble as I raise my left leg and attempt not to fall
The delicate flower’s smell pervades the air 
The whimsical wind blows through my hair
For the first in a long time, from my toes to my scalp I feel a sense of utter calmness 
The sun stares down at me and fills my spirit with bliss

Everything around me
The buzzing bees
The chirping birds
The commotion from across the street
And for a minute 
I am alone 
Listening to the hum of my breath
The rise and fall of my chest
My insecurities dissipate
My thoughts become crystal clear
Frozen in a state of tranquility 
I know 
I am enough
I am beautiful 
I am strong 

Poem explanation: Last Shabbat I had a surreal experience while doing yoga/meditation with some friends. The days before I wasn’t feeling my best. Some depressing and self doubting thoughts lingered in my head. Last Saturday though, while meditating I cleared my thoughts. This experience was very impactful for me. After meditating I felt content and much more accepting of myself.