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Stephen Muss (Miami)

We arrived in shock, still not knowing what it would be like...

    Posted by Michael Ben-Dayan on 09.16.20

As I sit here and write this blog I think to myself how blessed I am to not just be in this amazing country with such great history, but to also be taking part in such a fine opportunity.

While the world is on pause and nobody is certain of anything, I along with some of my friends from Miami hopped on a flight to come take part in this program, not knowing what to expect. We arrived in shock, still not knowing what it would be like, but as the time has gone by in quarantine and the start of the program is very close, my friends and I are thrilled. We will all soon be starting our daily routines, which will include school, activities, and trips all over the beautiful land of Israel. One of my goals for this program is to make friends with people from all over and to have those connections/friendships with them last a lifetime.

Another one of my goals is to learn and connect to Israel's rich history which is very deep. Connecting to Israel is very big for me because it is where my roots are from. One place I have in mind is Bet Guvrin, which is a very historical place that both my parents and their friends hung out at. My father and his siblings used to do archaeological diggings there for hidden treasures and also as part of school projects. I would love to be an archaeologist when I get older, It is the career I would love to pursue. Visiting this place would be very special to me, not only would it allow me to connect with my family, but I would also get to see something here in this beautiful country that would interest me and connect to the career I would like to pursue.